PEAPROS (PEAce and PROSperity) Consulting, a Ha Noi-based Consulting Joint-stock Company established in 2009, is specialised in providing highly customised and relevant consultancy services to wide range of clients including government and private organisations and corporates, development projects and programs, international development and United Nation’s agencies, as well as international and national non-government organizations.

PEAPROS services and expertise range from the development of strategic plans and monitoring and evaluation schemes for government and non-government international and national organizations, for private domestic and foreign companies, conducting organizational capacity assessments, setting up organizational management systems including setting up and management of information management system (MIS), supporting public administration reform (PAR) process and participatory planning for public agencies at ministerial and local levels, conducting analyses for the market, trade, investment and branding, facilitating policy dialogues, promoting public-private partnerships (PPP), providing communication services, and delivering high quality and tailor-made training courses.

For the last 15 years, PEAPROS team has carried out over 100 assignments with more than 50 international and national organizations, and public and private enterprises.

All PEAPROS’ consultants received their higher education abroad in developed education systems, thus being familiar with international settings and working environments. PEAPROS usually have international specialists as well as partners and collaborators who are either living in Viet Nam, or coming from Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Norway, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the U.S.A, and ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

PEAPROS has profound knowledge of and contacts in the government system, international agencies, (I)NGOs, research institutes, the business sector, the media, as all of its members have served a long time in those areas.

PEAPROS’ strategy is to develop a strong network of top experts, bringing together system designers, specialists and trainers from different fields and offering it as a one-stop ‘package’ deal. The company is able to mobilize qualified consultants of a wide range of expertise to form interdisciplinary teams at short notice. These abilities make PEAPROS a highly reliable local partner for international consulting firms and partners who have missions in Viet Nam