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Robert Mellor
Doctor of Philosophy Business Reform, Creativity and Innovation- Public and Private



With over 35 years experience, Dr. Robert Mellor has a rare combination of practical expertise with both professional and academic knowledge. From a working background as a local government professional and manager, Robert has built and earned a solid reputation around the world as a respected advisor on: government reform, integrated local development, strategic planning, policy, de-centralisation and institutional capacity-building. He also adds a creative and innovative approach to building real understanding and capacity for change. He is highly regarded as a designer and presenter of exciting training and learning programs for government and business leaders, as well as staff at all levels. Robert’s work has so far been focused mainly on the countries in Asia/Pacific and he has built strong networks as well as valuable knowledge and experience of development issues and governance reforms in the region. For over eight years he was the Vice-President of the international Network of Local Government Training and Research Institutes (LOGOTRI) and has recently stepped down as the Program Manager for the UTS Centre for Local Government – which is also the home of the Australian Centre for Excellence for Local Government. He has been selected to be a member of the United Nations roster of Government and Parliamentary Experts.Robert is currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam and working as an independent consultant to Government, NGOs, Donors, as well as Private Sector clients. Robert’s credo is “Head, Heart and Hands” – with this in mind he aims to provide a deep knowledge and thoughtfulness, along with passion and commitment, as well as an understanding of the practical realities and necessary hard work required to build capacity and implement sustainable change.
  • Governance and Capacity Building Advisor
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Business Reform,Creativity and Innovation- Public and Private
    Univesity Technology of Sydney