Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem

Our Team

  • Nghiem Ba Hung

    Nghiem Ba Hung


    Nghiem Ba Hung received his Master Degree in Public Administration at Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore in 2007 and Diploma in Business Administration in Australia in 1998. 

    For the last 15 years, Hung has developed his career in the development. In these working environments, Hung has obtained hand-on experiences in strategic and result-based management, planning, monitoring and evaluation, policy dialogue facilitating, communication, information management, market analysis for agriculture products. 

    In the recent years, Hung has been intensively involved in development projects with the role of a professional evaluator to provide consultancy services to a wide range of projects in different sector namely agriculture and rural development, transportation, education, power and energy, environment and climate changes. 

    He has good understanding and experience of working with Government agencies at different levels and with international donors, including AusAid, CIDA, DANIDA, FAO, Irish Aid, JICA, Sida, UNDP, WHO.

  • Beate Bjelke

    Beate Bjelke

    International speaker, trainer, coach and consultant

    She is an international consultant and trainer with assignments in both public and private sector, focusing on the areas of leadership, communication and developing organizations.  She has 10 years of experience in training other trainers from all over the world, is an EMCC certified coach on a master level, has conducted more than 35 assignments to train participative leadership, cross cultural skills, leading change and international leadership. Beate sees the resources of time and effort as central, so she has trained personal effectiveness/efficiency for 33 years.

  • Göran Nilsson Axberg

    Göran Nilsson Axberg

    International Consultant/Trainer

    Göran has high capacity for work in developing countries in the fields of development cooperation, natural resources, environment, climate change mitigation and adaptation, leadership and business development. He has more than 30 year of professional experience as an international consultant. He served at Jaakko Pöyry Consulting AB as Vice President and Senior Consultant 1993-2001, and at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) as Deputy Director 2001-2005 and then to 2011 as Senior Researcher leading the work on energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • John Vong

    John Vong

    Professor - Banking Consultants/Trainer/Coach

    He led and advised the implementation of Data Analytics & Performance Monitoring System in the HSBC Banking Group in Asia and UK, and Canada. Shortly after the implementation he started Strategic Planning for HSBC in Asia.

    He has 30 years of experience in both SME and Retail Banking and Public Finance (including ICAAP, credit/operation/market/liquidity risk management) working throughout ASEAN and conducted due diligence assignments in US and Hong Kong. He arrived in Vietnam as a consultant in 2005. In 2006, he was Senior Resident Adviser for IFC World Bank based in Mekong and Indonesia. He helped listed Sacombank on the Hochiminh City Stock Exchange, and later expanded the bank into Cambodia and Laos, and nearly into US. He sat on the IT Steering Committee of Sacombank Vietnam and was the Deputy CEO. 

    He has since consulted for major banks in Asia and government agencies in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. Today he runs a Digital Banking consulting practice in Singapore, with strategic partners in Asia, Australia and Silicon Valley USA. He has a PhD from the University of Bradford UK, a Certified Practice Accountant of Australia, and taken professional development at MIT-Harvard University Consensus Building Institute.

  • Robert Mellor

    Robert Mellor

    Policy and Capacity Building

    With over 35 years experience, Dr. Robert Mellor has a rare combination of practical expertise with both professional and academic knowledge. From a working background as a local government professional and manager, Robert has built and earned a solid reputation around the world as a respected advisor on: government reform, integrated local development, strategic planning, policy, de-centralisation and institutional capacity-building. He also adds a creative and innovative approach to building real understanding and capacity for change. He is highly regarded as a designer and presenter of exciting training and learning programs for government and business leaders, as well as staff at all levels. Robert’s work has so far been focused mainly on the countries in Asia/Pacific and he has built strong networks as well as valuable knowledge and experience of development issues and governance reforms in the region.

    For over eight years he was the Vice-President of the international Network of Local Government Training and Research Institutes (LOGOTRI) and has recently stepped down as the Program Manager for the UTS Centre for Local Government – which is also the home of the Australian Centre for Excellence for Local Government. He has been selected to be a member of the United Nations roster of Government and Parliamentary Experts.Robert is currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam and working as an independent consultant to Government, NGOs, Donors, as well as Private Sector clients.

    Robert’s credo is “Head, Heart and Hands” – with this in mind he aims to provide a deep knowledge and thoughtfulness, along with passion and commitment, as well as an understanding of the practical realities and necessary hard work required to build capacity and implement sustainable change.

  • Elsa Colacios

    Elsa Colacios

    Project Director - communication, marketing, events

    Elsa has received her Master Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility in 2008 and her Postgraduate Degree in Public Relations in 2004 in Barcelona (Spain).

    She has more than ten years of experience within the marketing & communications, achieving excellence in project and events management. Elsa has developed her career in the Corporate Sector working for a wide range of industries from IT, Consumer to Healthcare sector in in-house position as agency account work.

  • Le Quang Trung

    Le Quang Trung


    Le Quang Trung received his Master’s Degree at the University of Hawaii in 2005. Trung has rich working experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

    He has number of years working with government agencies including education and state management agencies. He has three and a half years working intensively with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in policy, planning and management capacity building, public administration reform, and coordination between relevant government agencies. Through his work on a variety of projects he has gained experience and knowledge of tools and methods such as: Logical Framework Approach (LFA), Results-based Management (RBM), and various M&E techniques. He also has wide experience in working with local communities, participatory approaches, PRA, and indigenous knowledge. He also has a strong background of research and studies on people’s behaviour and social conditions towards environmental and natural conservation and protection.

    Trung has good understanding and experience of working with international donors, including DANIDA, Irish Aid, JICA, Sida, etc. Most of the works with those donors relate to strategic M&E and planning, in the fields of rural development with focus on poverty reduction and empowerment, and climate change.

  • Tran Le Tra

    Tran Le Tra



    Tran Le Tra received his Master Degree in Human Ecology in Belgium in 2005 and Postgraduate Diploma in Development Administration in the UK in 1998. For the last 15 years, Tra has developed his career as a coordinator of academic programs and then, as consultant and facilitator in the field of development where decentralisation, empowerment and community participation are the core principles. Tra is very familiar with the interdisciplinary approach and is an expert in the fields of Human Ecology, Development Administration and Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation. He has good understanding and experience of working with Government agencies at different levels and with International donors, including UNDP, Sida, Cida etc...

    Tra is a rare case of a male consultant who has good experience in promoting gender equality and gender mainstreaming. He is currently Gender Advisor of the Cida-funded Vietnam Provincial Environmental Governance (VPEG) and DANIDA-funded Agriculture & Rural Development Budget Support Program (ARD SPS).

  • Nguyen Diep Hoa

    Nguyen Diep Hoa

    Media and communication

    Former journalist (Voice of Vietnam) and communication officer for a number of international organisations such as WWF, Embassy of Australia, FHI, etc., Hoa is especially strong in public affairs/public relations, working with journalists/media engagement, media content development.  She has been charged with journalism, including writing, editing, producing radio and television programs. She holds survey and information analysis methodologies and techniques.  

    Hoa  has rich experience in training staff and management for GOV agencies, international organisations and (I)NGOs. She has also been training, coaching the journalists in reporting on development issues including environment and climate change, disaster management, gender/gender equality, gender based violence, tobacco control, HIV/AIDS prevention, Avian Influenza prevention, gender sensitive reporting, etc.; and training, coaching the CSOs in campaigning for behaviour change, policy advocacy purposes, using different communication tools/channels.

  • Bui Duc Tho

    Bui Duc Tho


    Bui Duc Tho received his PhD Degree in Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea in 2005 and Boise State University, Idaho, USA in 1999.

    Tho has developed his career as a lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the fields of organization and project management, strategic and result-based planning and M&E, and capacity building.

    His working experience covers various sectors such as construction, energy, education, agriculture and rural development.

    Tho is familiar with the interdisciplinary approach and is an expert in the fields of policy analysis, institutional development, development administration, participatory planning, participatory M&E valuation.

    He has good understanding and experience of working with government agencies at different levels, international organisations, and the academic. 

  • Nguyen Duc Trung

    Nguyen Duc Trung

    Agro-business - Climate Change

    Nguyen Duc Trung is a young consultant with a wide range of expertise. Trung holds 2 master degrees, a MA in Rural Economic and Sociology (University of Liege and Hanoi Agriculture University), and a MSC in Technology and Resource Management (Cologne University of Applied Science). He has good knowledge and experience working in agriculture, rural development, water resource management, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction. Has been working in agriculture and rural development sector since 2007, he has been participating in many assignments including researches, trainings, monitoring and evaluation missions for different projects implemented by both governmental agencies and NGOs.

  • Nguyen Tien Dung

    Nguyen Tien Dung

    Consultant-Trainer/Facilitator -HRM-HRD

    Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung is a senior consultant and trainer with nearly ten years of experience in consultancy and training services. He has nearly 20 years working with Government agencies (Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs) and with international organizations (UNDP, ILO), and has good working experience with different multinational and bilateral development agencies (UNDP, WB, DANIDA, JICA …). He obtained Master Decree (Economic & Social Studies) in Public Policy and Management at University of Manchester, UK (1999 – 2000) and a post-graduate certificate in Virtual (on line) Development Academy Program (2004 – 2006) of UN with the latter involved consultation and coaching skills. The areas of his solid experience include: Organization capacity evaluation and development, human resource development and management (HRD/M), development program review and evaluation, policy research and development, Public Administration Reform (PAR) program development and implementation management, civil service capacity development, information and communication.

    Mr. Nguyen also led or was involved in assessment, design, delivery and evaluation of skill training programmes for many government ministries, provincial authorities, training institutions, enterprises and NGOs in the different areas (leadership and management, HRM, result-based work planning and management, information and communication, competency-based training of trainers (TOT), administrative English language.

  • Pham Van Quy

    Pham Van Quy

    Software Developer (Expert)

    Graduated in 2005 as a software engineer, Quy has primarily been working on C# and .NET. He also has developed projects using PHP. He has rich experience and knowledge on data acquisition systems, real time displays, parallel processing, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), geographical Information system (GIS), web development, database development, interfacing and several other projects. He has been a IT consultant for public sector (national and international), private sector, and NGO sector.