Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem




Global Reporting International consultants and trainers with assignments in both public and private sector, focusing on the areas of leadership, communication and developing organizations.  The owner has 10 years of experience in training other trainers from all over the world, is an EMCC certified coach on a master level, has conducted more than 35 assignments to train participative leadership, cross cultural skills, leading change and international leadership. The company sees the resources of time and effort as central, so she has trained personal effectiveness/efficiency for 33 years.


Consulting company with high capacity for work in developing countries in the fields of development cooperation, natural resources, environment, climate change mitigation and adaptation, leadership and business development. The owner has more than 30 year of professional experience as an international consultant. He served at Jaakko Pöyry Consulting AB as Vice President and Senior Consultant 1993-2001, and at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) as Deputy Director 2001-2005 and then to 2011 as Senior Researcher leading the work on energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation.





The International Centre for Aseana Management (iCAM) seeks to increase trade and development in ASEAN by bringing together venture capitalists and innovators, development agencies and emerging markets, and governments to focus on economic imperatives. 

Our primary objective is to build a consortium of partners that can educate, train and mentor a new generation of international leaders across 10 strategic locations in ASEAN. These leaders shall navigate, operate, collaborate and integrate, with ASEAN and beyond.




UpstairsBlue focuses on Management Consulting and Human Resources Development and runs business with the spirit of educating and learning, as well as seeing the world from different perspectives. 

Our Company’s value are Shared Vision, Inspiration and Client Satisfaction.

We are the 1st and only Approved Associate and representative of Paul Ekman International in Sweden. Ekman Associates are licensed to deliver Paul Ekman Training & Content anywhere in the world on Emotional and Facial Expression




Liberta is a consulting firm providing professional services, including but not limited to Finance, Accounting & Tax, and Legal advisory. Envisioning to provide one-stop professional services, Liberta Consulting is helping our clients to reduce their administrative costs and time, focus on their core business activities and realize business transformation.

We are led by experienced consultants that have worked across a wide variety of industries and deliver results in performance improvement, organisation effectiveness and enhance the Company value.




We want the resources invested in international development to have the greatest possible impact on people’s lives. We provide the insight and ideas to ensure that it does. Today and tomorrow.

We work to make international development as effective as possible and ultimately to improve more lives. We have done so since 1984. This means giving organisations the information and insight they need to make development work smarter and produce better results. It is complex, meticulous monitoring and evaluation work involving many different stakeholders across many different scenarios – exactly the kind of challenge on which we thrive.  





SOFRECO is a leading company in consultancy and technical assistance for sustainable economic and social development. Using tested and approved products, methodologies and tools, it provides quality services with tangible results. SOFRECO's priority is to ensure that the beneficiaries accept and adopt these results, through flexible, practical and adapted solutions, and to create a dynamic of participative, lasting change in a multitude of sectors and countries throughout the world. This dynamic aims to develop expertise and lead to the better allocation and management of available resources.


Professional Management


Professional Management

Professional Management is a company focusing on management reform in

central and local government, public enterprises and major private companies.

The company specialises in creating new strategies for public and private sectors, organisational development, top-executives training,

evaluation and public-private partnerships.


Global Reporting


Global Reporting

Global Reporting is a media and development communication consultancy company formed in 1996 with a permanent workforce of fifteen professionals and an extended network of copywriters, translators, photographers, illustrators and other relevant professionals.

Global Reporting brings the world a bit closer to you. We offer high quality communication services to companies, authorities and organisations. Global Reporting is specialised in international relations and possesses a high level of expertise about development issues as well as trade, labour, health, peace, human rights and international humanitarian law.





We provide clients with international expertise in the areas of transaction structuring, public-private partnerships (PPP), financial and economic modeling, legal and regulatory reform, operations, engineering and social and environmental advisory. This strong combination of in-house commercial and technical expertise is what makes CPCS different and has enabled us to successfully complete over 1000 projects in 100 countries.





GFA Consulting Group has a sound track record of providing effective solutions to the challenges in the global consulting market. Based in Hamburg, the company relies on an international network of experts, partners and subsidiaries that helped implementing complex studies and projects in over 130 countries since 1982.




OPMAC Corporation (OPMAC) is a consulting firm established in 1983 by the collaboration of various sectors of leading Japanese corporations, for the purpose of providing managerial consulting services for overseas development projects, especially of ODA related areas.


Wellern International

Wellern International


Wellern International is a training and consultancy firm that specialises in public governance. Tough governance topics like public finance, government budgetary frameworks and public sector purchasing are dissected into easy-to-digest bite-sized modules that participants enjoy.




Nuppun Institute for Economic Research (NUPPUN) is established with a desire to build a quantitative framework for business and economic analyses. We are bringing a team of Cambodian professionals with extensive experience in doing research and analytical works for the Cambodian government, international development agencies, and international and local businesses. Our team has a diverse background, but with common belief that numbers could reveal more in-depth stories and could assist businessmen and policy makers in making informed decisions.




SEMMARIS, a semi-public company which includes public and private partners, is the Public concession-holder for the construction and operation of the national wholesale market of Paris-Rungis. Its role is first to develop and operate the Market by designing the buildings and coordinating the works, by maintaining and repairing the equipment and installations and lastly, by providing water, electricity, waste decontamination and management services, heat supply, etc. From 2015-2025, the company has planned to invest €510 million in the Market.