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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website of PEAPROS Consulting JSC!

Our new website version was launched in mid-2013, aiming to become an informative web portal about of consultancy services and for the consultants community in Vietnam and abroad.

Once you commit to register to our website PEAPROS, you accept all the following regulations and terms:

1. General rule:

Your registration at PEAPROS means you agree to abide by the following terms and regulations. If you wish not to respect them, kindly do not apply for PEAPROS services. Since the rules are regularly updated by PEAPROS, it’s the readers’ responsibility to regularly check the terms and regulations upon logging onto the website PEAPROS.

2. Services description:

PEAPROS grants users access to PEAPROS online resources, the use of services provided by PEAPROS, including all types of information posted online in the format of documents, images, multimedia files, database, notifications or management messages via email blasts and other services (the “Services”). Unless other rules exist, this PEAPROS Membership Regulation also covers updated or upgraded versions, new characteristics and features of Services, or new services provided by PEAPROS.

Services provided on the website are open to modifications, which do not need in-advance notifications to or confirmations from online users. It’s not the responsibility of PEAPROS to ensure that the services satisfy and meet users’ various purposes. PEAPROS does not ensure the frequent provision of these services, as well as the inexistence of technical errors and the absence of virus not yet indentified.

In any case, PEAPROS will not be responsible towards the users for any direct or indirect damages incurred upon users’ using the Services, due to the carelessness or wrongdoings related to the use of the services committed by the users.

3. Services and responsibilities of PEAPROS:

PEAPROS services are the ones related to comprehensive online information and social networking. You agree that PEAPROS has the right, without any prior notice, to modify its services. You also agree that PEAPROS has the right to amend or delete information provided by you, which aims to ensure that the information is in compliance with the website’s regulations and terms.

PEAPROS will not be responsible for potential damages caused by the lack of accuracy or inaccuracy of information posted on the website, including direct, indirect, incidental or accidental consequences emerged from your use of information on the website. Thus, you shall bear all responsibilities from your use of information from the website.

The contents provided on the website are from the users and contributors. PEAPROS will not be responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR)/copyrights or legal obligations in the above mentioned contents.

You understand and agree that your username and password will be kept confidential. You shall immediately inform us in case of any doubts of your information being disclosed.

We have the right to permanently or temporarily stop your membership and/or use of the website contents if you are presumed and found to commit any damaging actions towards the website or violate any of the regulations and terms herein.

4. Your responsibilities:

You shall be committed to providing accurate information upon registration, and shall bear all responsibilities for such information.

You shall bear all the responsibilities in protecting your password, or logging into the website with your password by you and someone else.

You agree that you do not to use the Services for illegal or prohibited purposes, in accordance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (the “Law”) nor violate, hamper or restrict the rights of other users in using the Services.

You are prohibited to cause any damage to the Services and website by PEAPROS. You are not allowed to distribute files containing virus, programs harmful to the Services or to the stable use of other users.

5. Links to other websites:

For convenient use by the users, PEAPROS might provide them with links to other websites. As these websites are not the property of PEAPROS, PEAPROS will thence not be responsible for information, services and contents of those websites. Users have to bear all responsibilities from exploiting those website contents.

6. Age limit

Everybody can access the website. However, if you would like to register to post information on the website, you must be at least 18 years old to be able to be held responsible for your acts.

7. Prohibitions:

You understand and agree that using the PEAPROS services at PEAPROS is your right and obligation, in moral and legal terms.

Your personal obligations are based on item 2, Article 12, Decree 97/2008/ND-CP dated 28 August 2008 of the Government on internet management; and Circular 07/2008/TT-BTTTT dated on 18 December 2008 of the Ministry of Information and Communication on providing guidelines for the posting of information on personal websites: “Users shall bear all responsibilities on the information content posted, archived and circulated on the internet by themselves, in accordance with the law”.


1. Take advantage of internet in order to:

a. Oppose to the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; cause damages to national security, order and social safety; damage the national solidarity; do propaganda on invading wars; cause feud, conflicts among nations, ethic minorities, religions; do propaganda to stimulate violence, obscene, depravity, crimes, social evils, superstitious behaviors; undermine fine customs of the nation.

b. Disclose national secrets, military, security, economic, foreign affairs and other secrets, regulated in the Law.

c. Provide distorted information, damaging organizations’ reputation and trust as well as citizens’ dignity.

d. Advertise, communicate, sell and buy goods and services prohibited by the Law.

e. Circulate newspaper, literature, and art works, publications violating the Law.

f. Provide information violating IPR, e-commerce transactions and other related regulations and laws.

2. Create conflicts, damage systems and illegally impede the management and provision of internet services and online information.

3. Steal or illegally use passwords, lock passwords and private information of organizations or individuals on the internet.

4. Create and install virus computer applications, softwares to facilitate any behaviors regulated in the Article 71 of the Law on Information and Technology.

8. Sanctions:

When finding any violations by you, PEAPROS will immediately remove the violating content without prior notifications and send a first warning message to you. In case violations continue, you will receive a second warning message and your account will be locked during one month. Upon the third violation, PEAPROS will lock your account permanently.

The specific violations include but are not limited to the followings:

Violations in posting information and images; violations in provision of comments/articles; Spam the website with advertisement contents; offend other members or the website Administration Board and PEAPROS.

PEAPROS Consulting – 27 November 2013