The PARAFF secretariat in Hanoi, Vietnam is seeking to add a team member to the secretariat as “Monitoring Specialist for Grants and Capacity Development”. The PARAFF is managed by a Fund Manager and consists currently of a team of a total 4 people.

Background for “Public Participation and Accountability Facilitation Fund” (PARAFF)

The Good Governance and Public Administration Reform Programme, Phase II: 2012-2015 (GOPA II), agreed upon between the Government of Denmark and Government of S.R. Vietnam consists of three components:

1)  Public Administration Reform (PAR) component;
2)  Human Rights Education and Research component;
3)  Public Participation and Accountability component.

The three components represent interventions in important areas of reforms, each of which aim to promote concepts and means of improving public management and democratic accountability. The overall development objective for the programme is: “To strengthen the development of democratic governance and public management and accountability in Vietnam”

As part of component 3, support is provided to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) through a Grant Fund which will provide core and project funding to Vietnamese NGOs on an application basis. The Grant Fund, called the Public Participation and Accountability Facilitation Fund (PARAFF), is combined with a Capacity Building Facility for NGOs and key partners.

PARAFF is co-funded by Danish International Development Assistance (Danida) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The Sub-component is anchored within the Office of the National Assembly of Vietnam.

The immediate objective of the Support to Non-Governmental Organisations is: “To promote public participation and accountability in law-making and policy development processes by strengthening engagement of Non-Governmental Organisations in these processes at national and sub-national levels as well as in monitoring the implementation of these”.

In the context of PARAFF promotion of public participation is understood as “efforts related to research, awareness raising, and direct participation and monitoring as well as networking that allows a qualified engagement of non-government actors in active dialogue with relevant authorities on the formulation and implementation of plans, policies and laws at local, provincial and national level”.
Initiatives that promote accountability are understood as “efforts that permit non-state actors hold government accountable for their actions, including implementation of policies and their corresponding budgets”.

The role of PARAFF is to: Manage and administer grants in support to NGO initiatives and provide administrative technical assistance and capacity development activities, the latter through the Capacity Building Facility.

Under PARAFF, grantees will be supported through Core Funding Grants, Small Project Grants and Research Grants awarded on an application basis to increase public participation and accountability on key issues related to the legislative agenda of the National Assembly.

PARAFF provides support within the following output/support areas:

  • Research on key issues has been carried out related to the legislative process, democratic governance and NGOs roles in promoting public participation and accountability.
  • Awareness of NGOs and key partners improved regarding the rights and opportunities provided by the present legislation related to public participation and accountability.
  • NGO lead initiatives on monitoring of legislative processes, implementation of government policies and budgets at national and sub-national levels and feedback to Government and Elected representatives.
  • Strengthened networking among NGOs and other key stakeholders for enhanced engagement in legislative processes and policy dialogues with the National Assembly and the People’s Councils, and Government agencies at various levels.
  • Institutional and organisation capacity building initiatives for enhanced NGO engagement in legislative and policy making processes and monitoring. 
Scope of Work 
The “Monitoring Specialist for Grants and Capacity Development” will be integrated within the PARAFF

Secretariat and will together with the rest of the PARAFF team contribute to ensure that PARAFF fulfils its objective. 
The scope of work for PARAFF falls within four main areas:

1)  Grants Management in accordance with the purposes, results and framework outlined in the programme document and guidelines approved by the Steering Committee;
2)  Fund management of the PARAFF Grants Fund;
3)  Secretary and secretariat for the Steering Committee and the Grants Committee, respectively; and
4)  Facilitate the provision of capacity building to NGOs in areas relevant for the Grant Fund and in 
other areas deemed relevant by the Steering Committee for the sub-component.

The main tasks of the “Monitoring Specialist for Grants and Capacity Development” will be, however not limited to the following:

  • Elaborate/institutionalize the monitoring system of PARAFF including establishing appropriate sets of indicators and setting up a monitoring schedule (to the degree this is not already advanced);
  • Develop the baseline for a results-oriented monitoring for PARAFF;
  • Conduct hands-on monitoring and supervision of all awarded grants including document 
substantive progress;
  • Co-facilitate the establishment of the Capacity Building Facility (CBF);
  • Take part in organisational capacity assessment of grantees;
  • Develop capacity development agreements with grantees as an integrated part of the contractual 
framework between the PARAFF and the grantee;
  • Assist in the development and management of the CBF programme and training events carried out 
under the CBF;
  • Potentially conduct training events for grantees or potential grantees;
  • Sourcing potential third party service providers of training events;
  • Monitor effects of capacity building activities and capacity building provided by third parties;
  • Contribute to the preparation for Calls for Proposals (CfP);
  • Take part in the screening of grant applications in accordance with established procedures and 
  • Other issue requested by the Fund Manager. 

All tasks are implemented in close cooperation with the other team members in PARAFF and under the guidance and supervision of the Fund Manager. The Fund Manager is the daily manager of PARAFF and responsible for its implementation. 

The position is based in Hanoi with frequent travel in the provinces 

The contract period is up to the end of December 2015. The position is expected to start as soon as possible and preferable by December 2013. 

The Candidate 

General Qualifications for the successful candidate:

  • A relevant university degree
  • Relevant professional experience
  • Fluent in Vietnamese and English 

Specific Qualifications:

  • Experience from donor supported projects and initiatives
  • Sound knowledge of and documented experience with development of monitoring and evaluation 
systems appropriate to the nature of work of PARAFF, the size of grants and capacities of its 
  • Experience in providing capacity building to NGO and civic society initiatives
  • Experience from advocacy work will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of legislative processes will be an added advantage