Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem


Visibility strategy

Your company, organization or activity does not exist if the information does not arrive to the different stakeholders.

You need to position your company in the market exposing your product, your achievements and your influence in the sector.

We will define with you the key messages, the channels of communication, the planning of implementation and the tactics to facilitate the presence of your organization in the marketplace.














PR plan & campaign

We will help you to increase and maintain the good reputation & visibility of your company defining a strategic PR plan.

We will create a workflow and the tactics to communicate & influence the different stakeholders of your organization and we will prepare the effective campaign to gain exposure of your product or activity.

We have a depth experience in working with media sector, events & partnerships.
















An event will give you a big exposure in one shoot to the different stakeholders and will enhance considerably your network and positioning in the sector.

Events brings relax social approach where the different participants feel comfortable and enthusiastic to attend and facilitates the networking activities.

We are experts in creating, organizing and implementing all range of events.

We do organize workshops, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, launching new products, team building, PR activities.
















Fundraising & partnership

We work with you to define the strategy and tactics to implement a fundraising or partnership activities.

We will help you to set the accurate expectations, define the target, organize the campaign and to calculate and analyze the return of investment.

















Media relations

You need to inform the different stakeholders in a positive and credible manner. Media is responsible to make it happen.

Relations with media are crucial for your reputation and your visibility in the marketplace.

We will help you to define a strategy to maintain and enhance your relation with the media.

We do have a very extensive and profound knowledge of this area. We have a wide networking and long-term relationship with the journalists sector.