Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem

Corporate Sector

Market research & analysis

We work with you in a participatory way. We use the customized tools and methods to understand your needs & expectations, analyze the situation and facilitate discussion to reach your business target.

We help your company to communicate better, to identify new opportunities and to minimize risks. Market research & analysis creates benchmarks and assist you to measure your company progress.

Marketing strategy

We assist you to define the steps your company needs to follow to achieve the business goals, increase sales & positioning your company in the market.

We work as a long-term partner helping to define your vision, mission, positioning, target and outlining the marketing plan & tactics to achieve your goals.


Market entry

When entering new market, you would need to know the market size and segments, your target clients/customers and their behavior and characteristics, your possible competitors and the way they are doing to win in this market. We facilitate the process of developing your own market entry strategy. Market research and analysis will be useful inputs.

Your market entry strategy will be specified with a desirable status and expected market share for your products and services.

We help you to define realistic and timely targets for your entry.



Business Development

Any investment opportunity will need to be seen with its final results.

You may want to enter the market with new investment projects or a new setup of your company or branch.

We help you to examine the possibility and alternatives for your new business.

We apply modern format of Business Plan, including tools for calculating necessary fund for set-up, required operational costs, cash projection and many others.

An exit strategy can also be combined if you need to present it to your financial investors or strategic partners.

A comprehensive package will be provided to you with your “must-do-list” before initiating any new business.




Policy & Public Affairs information

We provide tailored package of information services to your business. Information includes strategies and policies by the government and different public entities. We do serve legal documents regularly issues by the local authorities as we do serve different opportunities for the private sector.





Branding development

We follow six steps to develop the long-term strategic service of branding.

We define the need. We capture objectives. We analyze the world outside. We draft beta brand platform and strategy. We test and refine. We develop brand tools.





Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We help you to create, improve and maintain a sustainable and responsible business. Under the Human Resources umbrella, we work with you in PWDs engagement, gender mainstream, worklife balance program, staff social engagement… Our expertise in communications area includes crisis management, internal communication strategy, team building, CSR visibility campaign and market influence & position assessment. Concerning the environment aspect, we have a depth knowledge and experience in climate change, green energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment protection.