Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem

Development Cooperation

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

One of our company’s strongest areas of expertise is applied Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) toward management for results.

We practically apply results-based management, community-based and participatory approaches in the process of development of planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Our services on M&E range from short M&E missions (Ex-ante evaluation, Mid-term review, End-project evaluation and Ex-post evaluation) to long-term assignments such as development and implementation of M&E framework for comprehensive projects/ programs.

PEAPROS is one of the founding members of the Vietnam Monitoring and Evaluation Network (VNME), a voluntarily professional network of evaluators including individuals, organizations and consulting companies.

VNME is the founding member of Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA).









Strategic planning

We have assisted the Government of Vietnam, many bilateral and multilateral donors and (I)NGOs in designing new programs/projects.

Our assistance ranges from planning for portfolio management to designing interventions for achieving objectives of the donors under the context of the recipient countries’ development policies.

Intervention logic will be carefully examined by application of supporting analysis tools such as Logical Framework Analysis (LFA), Results Frameworks & Risk Register Analysis with detailed functions of testing the logical links between designed results at different levels of objectives, and how those results can be achieved during implementation.

We are experienced in facilitating the negotiation between donors and recipients (national level and provincial level) for formulation of new programs, projects, or loan schemes. Our areas of assistance include climate change, natural resources management, energy efficiency, environment protection, rural development and poverty reduction and improvement of livelihood, social protection, policy and institutional development among many others.










Organizational capacity assessment and development

We have a wide experience supporting many organizations in Vietnam to helping their organizational capacity assessment.

Creation of Organizational Capacity Development Strategies and plans of action will be followed.

The whole assessment process is to answer the question “how can the organizations be developed in a strategic way to fulfill their vision, mission and objectives”

Our practical experience confirms that OCAD should not be an external evaluation but a process of internal self-evaluation and learning with support of highly qualified external facilitators and consultants.

We have developed and revised for perfection a set of Organizational Capacity Assessment Tools (OCAT) to assess your organization.

We offer technical support including capacity building, providing knowledge & skills, development of management tools, guidelines and strategies in the core aspects of governance and structure, results-based management, human resources development and financial management.











Program & field technical assistance

We assist project implementers and donors during the cycle of their projects. Technical assistance will be provided at program operational management level in combination with frequent field visits for monitoring and supervision of the projects’ progress.

Mid-term and project-end evaluations will provide the project implementers and donors with in-depth assessment of results at various levels (impact, outcome, output, progress, input), success factors, and issues to be addressed, lessons learnt for the next project phase or for the new interventions.

Related research and/or studies may need to be undertaken as supporting products of those projects.

We have rich experience in training and coaching project staff and relevant stakeholders in undertaking and utilizing such research and studies.












Management information system (MIS)

MIS gives the information you need to make decisions.

We provide you with tailored consultancy services on development and management of organizational Management Information Systems (MIS).

Our MIS help includes but is not limited to electronic/web-based databases, websites, newsletters, bulletins, and the guidelines and regulations on maintenance, utilization and management the MIS.