Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem

Public Affairs Sector

Policy dialogue and development

Policy dialogues seek to exchange information and build consensus recommendations between the public, private and civic sectors through leaders who are in a position to forge alliances, make decisions, or strongly influence the trajectory of a possible solution to a challenging issue.

We are a useful partner for your organization. We have an intensive and extensive experience in various sectors and a profound in-house knowledge of the policy dialogue behavior and flow. We do have a very diverse, accurate and highly valued network.






Institutional development and management

We support government authorities and related entities to lead their policy-making and planning by facilitating them in different discussions on various themes.

We provide capacity, multidimensional support and facilitation of Institutional activities in all its areas of performances in order to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and institutional environment for the clients.

We do cover Human Resources service, Financial resources, Infrastructure & Facilities service and Partnership & Collaborations area.







Research, studies, surveys

One of our strengths in our consultancy portfolio is conducting general normative researches, normative case-studies, R&D and surveys in social aspect of development.

Our areas of our experience in normative researches and studies ranges from promoting grass-root democracy for poverty reduction, promoting gender equality in development, prevention of human trafficking to climate change response and community-based natural disaster risk management among several others.

In all cases, our evaluation of the present state of research areas involves the analysis of identified stakeholders; our recommendations for improvements and design of new interventions target changes in the awareness, knowledge, attitude & behavior and practice of the interest groups.

We have a close relationship with a network of research institutions where expertise of specific objective can be mobilised for particular tasks.