Our roots are well grounded in the Vietnamese soil as our leaves are fully integrated in the International ecosystem


Financial management and banking

In financial management, our regional and international experts will design tailor training programmes to your organisation or company based on actual needs. In an overall view, you will be provided with:

·      a solid foundation in developing an integrated framework for strategic financial decision-making.

·      a thorough understanding of financial statements and the financial information they provide, and be able to critically evaluate and analyze cash flows statements.

·      an understanding of the management and evaluation of portfolios and firm valuation techniques.

·      an understanding of how to incorporate risk and uncertainty into investment decisions and understand how companies make financing and investment decisions. 

In the banking sector, courses will also be designed based on interviews and actual needs from your company/bank departments. Our courses are various in different themes, e.g: private banking, SME, multi-dimensional profit analysis, internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process, Models applications in risk management and banking administration, Business Finance in Treasury, and so on.

Media training

We have a depth knowledge and extensive experience in media training. It is one of our major strengths positioning us as leaders in the market.

We do cover both approaches. We train participants coming from the media sector with different backgrounds (print press, online, TV, radio, social media). We assist professionals in private and public sector that need to deal periodically with the media.

We organize different courses packages as tailor-made trainings responding to individual needs.



















Gender mainstreaming for development

We are particularly strong providing practical & applicable interventions for mainstreaming gender issues into different aspects of development, ranging from public administration reform, education, agriculture and rural development, poverty reduction to environment management, pollution management, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation and media.

We support you developing and effectively implementing tools for gender mainstreaming interventions such as gender checklist for monitoring, evaluating and reporting impacts and gender interventions. Gender budgeting as well as developing gender strategies, plans of action and research/studies for their respective programs and projects-

We provide both tailor-made training courses and on-the-job coaching packages on gender equality and gender mainstreaming skills.




















Project planning & management

We have a wide experience and profound knowledge of project planning & management working several times in multi-million dollar programs & projects.

We support tailor-made and standard training on project cycle management knowledge and skills: conducting feasibility studies, project formulation and results-based planning, management tools & skills, project M&E, mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues and gender budgeting.

We organize “on-the-job training” providing technical support and advanced skills required by specific projects such as skills for communication & negotiation, time management, gender mainstreaming, policy dialogue and advocacy.

Network management

Networking is not just WHAT you know, it is also WHO you know that counts.

Networking is all about building mutually beneficial relationships and talking to people with common interest with different views and multiple approaches.

We design the courses to help participants make best use of networking to bring benefits to their organizations. Attendees will be equipped with skills to prepare themselves, understand rules and setting follow-ups.

We organize different courses packages as tailor-made trainings responding to individual needs.

Team building

We focus our course in the key purpose of team building activity: how to interact with each other when working at the same direction to achieve common goals.

We understand that we need to foster the interaction of the team members, the communication and enhance the interpersonal skills to generate a greater productivity.

We have designed a training based in six crucial skills: interaction among the members, creating cohesive work group techniques, active listening skills, flawless feedback approach, positive conflicts management, constructive and positive messages behavior.


Management skills

Strengthening management skills are not simply capacity building on separated skills but the harmonious combination of knowledge and skills needed for effective management at different level.

We have developed a set of management tools and skills for managers, staff and organizational management capacity development.

We help you evaluating your organization vision, mission, development objectives and its current status.

We guide you and we give accurate assessment & support based on the evaluation results.