Our Team
Nguyen Ngoc Tuan
Senior Consultant
Bachelor of Auditing and Accounting/ Laws

Phone: 0912171042

Email: tuan.ktvhn@gmail.com

20 Year experiences in Auditing, Accounting and Finance fields, especially in Internal audit, Operational risk management, Financial restructure plan, Quality control and Productivity management. 10 Years working as Managing Director of Unistar International Auditing Firm with more than 100 employees. Providing accounting and auditing, financial services focus on GOE (Government owned Enterprise) and FDI sector in manufacturing, textile, construction, technology, and other industries. Project partner with Oxfam, Csip to support the development in rural areas and social enterprises in Vietnam. Coaching and mentoring small business owners to enhance accounting system and manufacturing processes. Independent consultant in business risk management, internal audit, quality and productivity management, setting up ERP/MES incorporate with supply chain system including Sale pipeline for e-commerce platform.
  • Auditing Manager (2002 - 2009)
    KTV Auditing Company
  • Co-Founder/ Managing Director (009 - 2019)
    Unistar International Auditing Firm
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing - 2002
    Phuong Dong University
  • Bachelor of Applied Laws (2007)
    Hanoi Law University